The journey begins….

I’m at the start of a journey… I’ve been on many before. Some I should have blogged (but didn’t). Some I’ve written about (but probably shouldn’t have). Hopefully, this one will be a bit more worthwhile. Who knows?

This journey probably started a long time ago but I didn’t go anywhere.  I was 11 years old and Live Aid was on. Bob Geldof was telling us to “F*ck the address and lets get the numbers” (about 53 seconds in).  Seeds were planted.

I’ve done bits of charity fund-raising over the years.  I’ve dressed as a tin of tomatoes and sold “rag mags” outside the Arndale Centre, Manchester.  I’ve walked  55 miles in under 24 hours around Manchester, 54 miles along the West Highland Way but here comes the biggie… house building in Ethiopia.  When the seeds were planted all those years ago, I really wanted to do something.  Raising money for a charity is one thing but actually going out to Ethiopia and really getting stuck in was what I really wanted to do and now I have that opportunity.

March 2015, 11 colleagues and I will be heading off to Ethiopia as volunteers for Habitat for Humanity.  There will still be lots of fundraising to do – £9,000 minimum between us.  This doesn’t include the £600 that we’ve each contributed towards the trip from our own pockets (just in case anyone thinks that we’re getting people to donate for us to have a jolly).

So, I’m blogging to document the journeys.  We’re 12 colleagues – some of us have worked with each other, some of us are complete strangers.  That’s one journey to record.  We’re cooking up some fundraising events at a time when most people are strapped for cash and at a company that already does a lot of fundraising for charity – so there’s another journey.  The third journey is the preparation for Ethiopia.  What do we need to do? What do we need to take?  What should we not take?  And finally, the most important journey is the 9 days in March, 2015.  4000 miles away from home.

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