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Signed up for a 500px account after a discussion with my colleague, Terry…  He said it was a good place to showcase your best shots and so I uploaded some of my favourites.  These were taken during a Night Photography photo session that Linda bought me for Christmas last year.  After 24 hours of getting quite a lot of “likes”, they seemed to have disappeared down a black hole.  I guess I need to get out there and take a few more photos and upload them!

Band Night

We followed the very successful Art Auction in September with another successful night… BAND NIGHT!  We’ve had charity Band Nights at work before but the last one was back in 2010 and although I didn’t actually go I’d heard good things about the bands who played.  Before we knew it, four acts had volunteered to play; the date was chosen and the venue booked.  All we had to do was sell 160 tickets!  The wonderful Creative Media team at work produced some posters and tickets and even at £10 a ticket, we managed to shift every single one. Big thanks to […]



Art Auction

Our latest fundraising event was an art auction. We managed to collate over 40 lots to auction off one evening after work and once the pennies are collected we hope to have raised over £2500 pounds for our trip. Brilliant!  Thank you to my friend Rose Bentley-Steed of Oi Panda who donated these two lovely pieces. We also received a fantastic donation from Edinburgh Printmakers in the form of an original print by Alan Davie, a renowned Scottish artist who has work displayed at the Tate.

Bag Packing

“Yeah! Bag packing!  You can get a fortune bag packing!”…. That’s what we were told by some of our colleagues who had been fundraising on previous Habitat for Humanity trips.  However, getting a bag packing gig was easier said than done.  After many, many knock-backs (at least we got a reply – some stores completely ignored us!) we finally got two dates for bag packing at Hermiston Gait’s Tesco store. Our two bag packing mornings have netted us £630 and a new respect for the other charities packing bags at supermarkets.


Cake Bake

There’s been a substantial amount of fund raising at work at the moment.  As well as the company’s own Charity of the Year, we also support a couple of other charity events such as Foundation Scotland who run the Caledonian Challenge – a 54 mile walk along the West Highland Way.  I participated in this last year and it was a wonderful event and a great charity to raise money for and so the H4H team were conscious that we would be stepping on each other’s toes if we did a cake bake so close to each other.  After a […]


Selection Process (?)

I couldn’t believe it when the email at work came out looking for volunteers for the Habitat for Humanity team being sent out to Ethiopia in 2015.  Ethiopia.  Wow! The very place that Bob Geldof was telling us to send out money to all those years ago.  I didn’t reply straight away though as I wanted to check things over with Linda but she was more than happy to support me. I fired the email off to say I was interested and then in due course the reply came to check that I was still interested…  I was… and before […]

Here comes the pack!!

Orienteering pack arrived today… Two t-shirts and a big booklet with a double page spread on what vaccinations we will need and may need…. It looks like my arms are going to be pin cushions!!


The journey begins….

I’m at the start of a journey… I’ve been on many before. Some I should have blogged (but didn’t). Some I’ve written about (but probably shouldn’t have). Hopefully, this one will be a bit more worthwhile. Who knows? This journey probably started a long time ago but I didn’t go anywhere.  I was 11 years old and Live Aid was on. Bob Geldof was telling us to “F*ck the address and lets get the numbers” (about 53 seconds in).  Seeds were planted. I’ve done bits of charity fund-raising over the years.  I’ve dressed as a tin of tomatoes and sold “rag […]